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Monthly Archives: September 2013


SWF hails from Brooklyn and is releasing his debut album, Let It Be Told on October 8th.  While we’ll have to wait to hear the full album, the single “Let It Be Told” is a promising hint at what’s to come.  The sound falls somewhere between Wolf Parade and MV & EE, SWF playing with a mix of 60s garage rock, folk and an optimistic modern context.  As the song goes into repeat, vamping on the same chorus over and over, it feels like a trance, creating a musical connection that is uplifting and heavy all at once.  SWF’s unique voice chants and slides through trippy keyboards, and rough and tumble guitar and a steady rock beat.  Check out the song below and download it here.

-M. Kauf

SWF – Let It Be Told:

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Dancing in the Dark, the intimate synth anthem by Bruce Springsteen has to be one of my favorite songs of all time.  Not just because of the incredible original, but because of the large of amount of covers, each with their own take on this minimal song.  My new favorite is the slow-burning cover by Woman’s Hour.  The four piece from London have yet to release an album, but their singles so far are powerful pieces of synth pop, something like The XX if they were a less minimalistic and a little more lively.  The group’s take on “Dancing in the Dark” stretches out the song, lingering on each note, allowing the tension to sink into your soul.  Woman’s Hour may not be releasing their debut until October 21st, but in the meantime we at least have this remarkable take on one of rock’s greatest songs.

-M. Kauf

Woman’s Hour – Dancing in the Dark:

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saint rich

After seeing the incredibly incredible (did I say incredible?) guitarist Delicate Steve last weekend, I’ve been on a bit of a kick, which has included Steve Marion’s other project Saint Rich.  It features Marion along with a childhood friend, Christian Peslak, who provides vocals.  So far, the group has only released one single, but it’s a fantastic start.  “Officer” shies away from the soaring jams of Delicate Steve’s instrumentals and falls into a camp closer to upbeat rock, somewhere between americana and the stylings of more recent bands like Smith Westerns.  The song chugs along with a simple yet strong guitar riff accompanied by a subtle organ.  But it’s the vocals that really add a new dimension to the song.  Peslak’s musings about the Police and given in a smooth and sly voice, adding the perfect touch to a solid rock song.  Check out the Video, which features the band performing, skateboards and, you guessed it, lots of Police.  Beyond the Drone comes out September 30th.

-M. Kauf

Saint Rich – Officer

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slow magic

There isn’t much that can be said for Slow Magic, other than that the producer calls his music, “the sound made by an unknown imaginary friend,” which isn’t too far off.  Slow Magic has already released some incredible electronic tracks in the past, and the new single, “Youth Group” is no exception.  Haunting synths guide the song through an otherworldly sonic dance hall sound that is simultaneously spooky and immediately danceable.  Currently on tour with Gold Panda, Slow Magic is set to release a full length album in the (hopefully) near future.  Check out “Youth Group” below and check out the tour dates after the break.

Slow Magic – Youth Group:

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Summer is in it’s final days, but it’s not too late to get in those last few swims at the beach, or soak up some rays on that beach towel and cranking some tunes.  The Collective Tour brings you that mixtape for your final days of summer.  Click the link below to download and check out the tracklist after the break.

-The Collective Tour


Tour De Vaap Presents: Summer Breeze

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