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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Sylvan Esso

Sylvan Esso, the unlikely duo of Amelia Meath of Mountain Man and producer Nick Sanborn of Megafaun are back with a refreshing new single.  Last year, they released some truly catchy and unique electronic music in the form of “Play It Right” and “Hey Mami.”  Their new song, “Coffee” is much more mellow and downtempo, but it doesn’t stop it from being a great song in its own right.  Rather than gradually building towards a loud and powerful climax, this song focuses much more on Meath’s voice, surrounded by rattling drums, a low and dark synth, and a sprinkling of xylophone and accordion tones.  Rather than a fun, feel-good song, the new single feels more intimate; a sad love song.  Now we’ve really gotten a taste of how much the group’s sound can differ and just in time for the announcement of a full length LP due this May.  In the meantime, we’ll have to satisfy ourselves with “Coffee” below.

-M. Kauf

Sylvan Esso – Coffee:

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Young & Sick is at once a 90s boy band, a chilled out electronic artist and a soulful R&B singer.  Flowing through sounds and genres like a breeze through the clouds, this L.A. artist makes music that is nostalgic and comforting yet utterly refreshing.  Harmonies lead you from dark corners into starry skies and quiet bedrooms and back again.  It’s music made for getting lost in, over and over.  Check out the two singles below and prey for an album soon.

-M. Kauf

Young & Sick – Magnolia:

Young & Sick – Willow:

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Gem Club in roses

I first heard Gem Club on Halloween, shortly after the group released their haunting single “Polly.”  Several months later and the group is on the cusp of releasing their sophomore album, In Roses.  As the release date approaches, this Massachusetts band has graced us with another beautiful single from the album called, “Braid.”  It’s hard not to get lost in the music, slowly and delicately stretching over five minutes.  Whispered harmonies over atmospheric synths and pianos guide the song, with sparse drums like the beating of a heart coming in every now and again.  It’s just about as bittersweet as a love song can get.  Listen below and be sure to get the full album out January 28th.

***Update:  You can now stream this entire album at NPR.  Enjoy

-M. Kauf

Gem Club – Braid

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Due to a few technical difficulties, this couldn’t be posted until now, but here it is, our best of 2013.  While this year was not filled with incredible albums, many were duds or just a little lackluster, the albums that were not bad were fantastic.  Some of the best folk, rap and electronic music of our generation was released this year and many artists produced some of their best work, perfecting a sound that was already good into something extraordinary.  As usual, we’ve got our top ten for this year below in no particular order, along with a few songs from each album to give you just a small taste of what these incredible albums have to offer.  Enjoy and discover beautiful new music after the break and look forward to more Tour De Vaap and more incredible music in 2014.

-The Collective Tour

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