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Monthly Archives: February 2014


Hold on to your hats kids, this one’s a long and wild ride.  From the beginning, Teeny Lieberson enters in desperation and exasperation, immediately placing you in the midst of chaos and drama.  As drums enter, the song begins to swell with bursting harmonies and intricate melodies leading to what could only be an impeccable climx.  The song fades with brass, funky drums and an echoing guitar, vanishing as intensely as it begin.  TEEN combine R&B with 90s pop with jazz, electronic and everything in between.  Check out the song below and look for their album The Way and Color out April 22.

-M. Kauf

TEEN – Not For Long:

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high water

This weekend, I went to one of the greatest concerts I’ve ever seen: Darkside.  Their light show alone was incredible, let alone the powerful and intoxicating alterations to their debut Psychic.  But it wasn’t just the main act that caught my eyes and ears.  High Water, the opener and friend of the band, is a fantastic musician in his own right.  His music drifts from ambient, to dramatic 80s music to indie rock and back again using a combination of synths voice and saxophone.  One of his best songs, “Someday” serves as the perfect example.  Starting with a calm piano, the song quickly swells with soulful samples, organs and drum beats.  No sooner does this begin then singer Will Epstein enters an emotional few lines before fading into a distant saxophone.  It’s long, full of twists and turns and combines genres in new ways and it only seems to make the song that much better.  Check it out below.

-M. Kauf

High Water – Someday:

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st. vincent prince johnny

Over the past few months, St. Vincent slowly released singles from her upcoming self-titled LP.  So far, we’ve heard “Digital Witness” and “Birth in Reverse” but today brings us the third and my favorite in the trilogy: “Prince Johnny.”  A steady electric drum and an angelic choir beat step into the scene, opening the song.  Clark comes in next to lead the listener into a fairy tale world of romance, dramas and perhaps happy endings.  The song grooves straight through to the end, with a few powerful bursts of guitar.  Although it’s somewhat of a fairy tale song, the lyrics are powerful and create the perfect modern love song.  Check it out below and look for the album February 24th.

-M. Kauf

St. Vincent – Prince Johnny:

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