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lorde and flume

Remixes aren’t really our forté here at Tour De Vaap, but this one was so good we had to share it.  Two of the best artists of the last couple years, young pop-ish artist Lorde and electronic prodigy Flume join forces to create an experience unlike any heard from their individual work.  Flume takes on the concise opener “Tennis Court” from Pure Heroine, at times slowing it to a crawl with sparse, ambient synths surrounding the singer’s voice.  But where the song really takes off is about two minutes in, when everything breaks down into an infectious drop.  From this point on it’s pure gold, a regal extension of the original which plays quiet tracks against the booming, pure electronic dance against a hip-hop beat.  Check out the song below in all its glory.

-M. Kauf


Lorde – Tennis Court (Flume Remix)

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There’s a special treat coming to all you readers this Friday.  But in the meantime we’ve got a great video to show you.  LOLAWOLF, the Los Angeles group composed of Zoë Kravitz, Jimmy Giannopoulos and James Levy are a super sly synth-pop group.  The group released their self-titled EP, which included the sensual song, “Drive.”  A few days ago, the group dropped a video for the song.  Adding a dark atmosphere to the already haunting electronic song, the video features singer Kravitz lying down surrounded by flashing lights and foggy images of cars.  The ending comes out of nowhere, but overall the video is the perfect match for the single.  Check it out below.

-M. Kauf



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high water

This weekend, I went to one of the greatest concerts I’ve ever seen: Darkside.  Their light show alone was incredible, let alone the powerful and intoxicating alterations to their debut Psychic.  But it wasn’t just the main act that caught my eyes and ears.  High Water, the opener and friend of the band, is a fantastic musician in his own right.  His music drifts from ambient, to dramatic 80s music to indie rock and back again using a combination of synths voice and saxophone.  One of his best songs, “Someday” serves as the perfect example.  Starting with a calm piano, the song quickly swells with soulful samples, organs and drum beats.  No sooner does this begin then singer Will Epstein enters an emotional few lines before fading into a distant saxophone.  It’s long, full of twists and turns and combines genres in new ways and it only seems to make the song that much better.  Check it out below.

-M. Kauf

High Water – Someday:

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Sylvan Esso

Sylvan Esso, the unlikely duo of Amelia Meath of Mountain Man and producer Nick Sanborn of Megafaun are back with a refreshing new single.  Last year, they released some truly catchy and unique electronic music in the form of “Play It Right” and “Hey Mami.”  Their new song, “Coffee” is much more mellow and downtempo, but it doesn’t stop it from being a great song in its own right.  Rather than gradually building towards a loud and powerful climax, this song focuses much more on Meath’s voice, surrounded by rattling drums, a low and dark synth, and a sprinkling of xylophone and accordion tones.  Rather than a fun, feel-good song, the new single feels more intimate; a sad love song.  Now we’ve really gotten a taste of how much the group’s sound can differ and just in time for the announcement of a full length LP due this May.  In the meantime, we’ll have to satisfy ourselves with “Coffee” below.

-M. Kauf

Sylvan Esso – Coffee:

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Young & Sick is at once a 90s boy band, a chilled out electronic artist and a soulful R&B singer.  Flowing through sounds and genres like a breeze through the clouds, this L.A. artist makes music that is nostalgic and comforting yet utterly refreshing.  Harmonies lead you from dark corners into starry skies and quiet bedrooms and back again.  It’s music made for getting lost in, over and over.  Check out the two singles below and prey for an album soon.

-M. Kauf

Young & Sick – Magnolia:

Young & Sick – Willow:

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novelty daughter

A delicate piano riff over electronic drum beats.  A vocal line that constantly wavers up and down, like a restless humming bird, never resting long in one spot but creating beauty when it lands for just a brief second.  This is the feeling created by “Unsure,” the jazzy single from Californian musician, Novelty Daughter.  Starting as one of many singer-songwritter musicians, with just a guitar and their voice to guide them, Novelty Daughter (real name Faith Harding) really came into her own when she dropped the guitar for something a little more out there.  The jazzy piano lines blend perfectly with her voice, acting as a sly guide held steady by those sparse beats.  Together, the fragmented arrangements somehow combine to form a real piece of art.  Below, you can hear the song “Unsure” but be sure to check out (and download for free) Novelty Daughter’s EP in its entirety here.

-M. Kauf


Novelty Daughter – Unsure:

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Sam Smith has been on a giant roll this year.  First, he had the incredible single, “Latch” with Disclosure.  Then he had the funky single as part of a temporary electronic music supergroup.  And now, in addition to releasing several solid demos, Sam Smith uploaded a new single.  “Money On My Mind” features a slick combination of fast paced R&B and a snappy drum beat.  Combined with Smith’s unbeatable vocals and the positive message “I don’t have money on my mind, I do it for the love” it’s hard not to smile, jump out of your seat and immediately start grooving.  Check out the electro-infused song below and look for the singles official release in February.  Maybe we’ll even see an album from this guy in the near future.

-M. Kauf


Sam Smith – Money On My Mind:

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