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Monthly Archives: July 2013


Some say modern rock is dead (sometimes, myself included).  It’s basically just a bunch of pop disguised as rock or just plain crap.  But The Divers (not to be confused with Divers or The Divers Band) are one of those bands keeping the flame of rock n’ roll alive.  Their latest single, “The Way You Are” makes for the perfect example.  Singer Pete’s gruff voice, falling somewhere between Lou Reed and Julian Casablancas, brings a punk attitude and a weight to the music.  Guitars wail away, staying infectious without becoming too clean cut and poppy.  All in all, it doesn’t get much more authentically rock than The Divers, bringing a rough and tumble style to a love song like no other.  Check out “The Way You Are” below as well as the softer single, “Castles In the Air.”

The Divers – The Way You Are/Castles In The Air:

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You ever have one of those songs that just moves you?  You don’t exactly know what it is about the song, but something just makes it feel right and beautiful and worth listening to over and over and over again.  “Advanced Falconry” is definitely one of those songs.  Written by Mutual Benefit (AKA Jordan Lee), this is the first taste from his debut LP, Love’s Crushing Diamond.  The song starts at a crawl, delicately placing violins here and there like the first embers of a warm fire.  Soon the violin is joined by quiet handclaps, a mellow electric guitar and a soft banjo.  And to top it off, Lee sings a soulful folk melody over it all, his sweet voice romanticizing over the instruments.  It’s the kind of song, that bubbles up emotions without ever featuring a gut-wrenching blues wail, a soulful guitar solo or a hooky chorus.  “Advanced Falconry” is beautiful just being lush little self.  Check it out below and listen to some of Mutual Benefit’s earlier stuff here.

-M. Kauf

Mutual Benefit – Advanced Falconry

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Philly band Dr. Dog are easily one of the hardest working bands in indie rock right now.  They’ve released an album every year for a while now and they just announced, B-Room, their eighth studio album.  Along with the announcement came the laid-back new single, “The Truth.”  Although the new album is produced by the same man who helped them on Be The Void, the sound is much more sparse, harkening back to the band’s early days.  Many of these songs were recorded in a live setting featuring the whole band, which has created a beautiful warm tone on their new single.  A quiet electric guitar sends out short bursts of chords and a honkey tonk piano clambers as the band repeats, “the truth don’t stop,” chugging along with an infallible message.  Check it out below and get pumped for their new album due on October 1st.


Dr. Dog – The Truth:


P.S. There is a lyrics video for this song, but after posting so many videos, we figured some pure music is just what we need.  But if you want the visual, check it out here.

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Fyfe has quickly become a favorite here at TDV (and apparently so have music videos in general).  Having released his Solace EP this summer, Fyfe shows no signs of slowing down, releasing a new single “Conversations” in the beginning of July.  As Fyfe releases more and more singles, I’m noticing a trend away from heavy electronic beats and hooks to a more subtle sound.  The new single is lighter, ethereal and maybe his most skilled work to date.  The new song features more prominent vocals and complex drums lines.  All I can say is, whenever this guy gets around to a full album, we’re gonna have a new prominent electronic artist on our hands (if we don’t already).  Below, you can check out the video for conversations, which features Fyfe walking through dark and smoke filled alleys and choruses of bursting lights.

-M. Kauf


Fyfe – Conversations:

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The combination of the sheer blues-rock power of The White Stripes and the gutsy style of Joan Jett make up the explosive sound that is SIRSY.  Together, this duo make up one powerful band, with singer/drummer/bassist Mel Krahmer and guitarist/you-name-it Rich Libutti.  With such strong members, the band really doesn’t need more bandmates, in fact, they may be a hindrance.  But they’re not just talented musicians, SIRSY are also talented lyricists, just look at their song “Lionheart” for an example.  On first listen, it sounds just like any other blues-rock song: a sparse riff and a solid drum beat rocketing into a hard-hitting chorus of face-melting distortion and confident vocals.  But after looking past the music to the lyrics, “Lionheart” isn’t just a catchy love song, it’s a song about stumbling over yourself, tripping on the same mistakes and never knowing why the cycle continues.  SIRSY recently released their latest album, Coming Into Fame, which features this song and it’s definitely worth a listen.  In the meantime, you’ll want to check out this colorful, early-MTV days video created by Romanian director Anton Octavian, the song and the video are both great and together…watch out.

-M. Kauf

SIRSY – Lionheart:

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Fair warning, but this is one strange video.  Featuring half of the Scott Carney/Jacob Heustis Kentucky duo that makes up Wax Fang, the music video stars the singer in drag popping from scene to scene of paper cut-outs and a lot of blonde-haired women in perfect glam-rock fashion.  But weirdness aside (and there really is a lot of weird stuffed into this video), this is one catchy rock gem.  “The Blonde Leading The Blonde” features guitar hooks in the chorus that can match The Darkness or pretty much any modern rock band for that matter.  Lyrically, the song is reminiscent of a goofier David Bowie.  The combination makes for one of the most underrated rock bands around.  To date, Wax Fang only have two full albums to their name, but they’ve recently released a string of singles, which with any luck will lead to a new album.  In the meantime check out their video below for just a glimpse at what these guys can do.

M. Kauf

Wax Fang – The Blonde Leading The Blonde:

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In 2011 Gorilla Warfare Tactics dropped their first EP, Premier, and set the internet ablaze. With a sample driven, boom-bap sound provided by the production duo Imagine 1984, and an unbelievably smooth flow from Dilla, they garnered a huge buzz led by their lead single ‘Temptations.’ GWT proceeded to disappear for the next two years until they resurfaced with Zoology. ‘KINGDOM’ is the final track off the tape, which is one of my favorites of the year. Honestly there’s just not many people that are lyrically on Dilla’s level right now and the production on the tape is flawless. I’d actually recommend listening to the whole thing in order, but I had to pick one song to post. Enjoy!


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