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Monthly Archives: March 2011

A genre I’ve really started to embrace lately is “post-dubstep” (forgive the pretentiousness) glitchy, minimal techno. This style makes use of the familiar whomp of dubstep, but perverts the whole soundscape beautifully with samples and influences from electronica abounding. One producer I particularly love is Gold Panda (originally Derwin Panda). Gold Panda’s Lucky Shiner was definitely one of my favorite electronica albums of 2010, and I expect him to continue producing great music throughout 2011. Check out the track below, from the new album Companion (technically a compilation of his three EPs) for a taste of what Gold Panda offers- beware of ridiculously awesome, mind-blowing Indian samples. – Jon the Wolf

Hit the Jump for a interesting video into the mind of Gold Panda.

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“He’s got some sense of decency, he’s heard when he talks
But when it comes to leading he can’t fight the feeling, he walks”

I love Fleet Foxes.  Especially their use of soaring harmonies.  And, as I impatiently wait on their next album, “He Walks” is a great substitute.  The Heat Run, a new band from Philly, are masterful harmonists as well.  Throw in a subtle banjo, echoey drums and a somber guitar and you have one amazing single from this band’s debut album (self titled).  This multi-genre-spanning album released earlier this march is full of life and love.  What more could you ask for as the warm weather slowly approaches?  If you like “He Walks,” I also recommend their song’s “Suzie” and “Keep the Light,” sure to please any Fleet Foxes fan. – M. Kauff

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“Say you’ll never leave us, in this company of mine”

In honor of The Dodo‘s new album, No Color (released March 15), we look backwards to their track “Red and Purple” from Visiter (2008). Logan Kroeber and Meric Long synthesize eclectic elements to create this catchy, upbeat track. Starting off with a simple, steady strumming of the guitar, this song quickly drops into an intense cacophony of percussion that falls in line under smoothly sung lyrics. The poly-rhythmic beat will draw you in and the irresistibly catchy chorus won’t let you leave this Dodo’s classic. – M.Hoff

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Seeing is believing, believe when you see it
They saying I’m the best, shit, I’m just trying to be it

Pusha T (of Virginia’s finest coke-rapping brothers, The Clipse) recently released his first mixtape after being signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music production label. Rapping more like his new mentor, Kanye, and less like the previous Virginia duo, Pusha pulls through with this new one, like always. Below are two gems from the mixtape, as well as a download link. – D. Gold

Pusha T – Open Your Eyes

Pusha T – Touch It ft. Kanye West


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It’s almost too close to perfect when Zach Condon sings this Caetano Veloso song.  Zack’s deep forlorn voice and Balkan folk influences lend themselves well to this Brazilian Tropicália song.  It’s as if the song was made for Zach; effortlessly crooning this love song to the beat of driving drums.  O Leaozinho is completely transformed from the simple folksy guitar tune of the 60s, into a modern classic and I love every minute of it.  Look for this song on the new Red Hot Organization CD Red Hot + Rio 2, in stores June 28.  Peace.  – M. Kauff

O Leaozinho by Caetano Veloso (Beruit cover)

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