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Monthly Archives: December 2013

My brightest diamond make you feel my love

As stated on this blog many times before, Bob Dylan is a truly prolific songwriter. For another artist to cover him takes guts and skill.  Dylan was still cranking out incredible music into the 1990s (and arguably today), including the breathtaking, “Make You Feel My Love.”  This song has been covered by countless artists, including Billy Joel and Adele, but Shara Worden aka My Brightest Diamond has just released what may be the best rendition yet.  The quiet devotion and pain in Worden’s voice is at full force, accompanied by nothing but an echoing electric guitar.  On the eve of Christmas Eve, this heart wrenching love song will simultaneously bring you to tears and rock you to sleep.  Check out the beautiful, beautiful cover below.

-M. Kauf

My Brightest Diamond – Make You Feel My Love

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Water Liars

So technically it’s not quite winter, but where I am, it’s been snowy and cold for the last month and a half.  One of my favorite parts of winter (and something I mention on this site over and over) is getting cozy with a great album to warm your bones during the dark cold days of these winter months.  This season, Water Liars have remained a cold-weather staple, always finding their way into my playlists these days.  A folk-rock duo, not unlike The Black Keys if their influences felt more country and their lyrics more personal.  Last spring, Water Liars released their haunting sophomore album Wyoming, featuring sparse tunes about absence and memories of the past for better or worse.  But, not willing to stop at one album, the group re-released their debut, Phantom Limb, in August and they’re releasing their third album later this winter.  Last week the group released the first single from the upcoming LP called, “I Want Blood.”  While it features the same melancholy harmonies as the group’s earlier work, a third member GR Robinson accompanies on bass, filling out the groups echoing sound.  The new single features the same powerful lyrics as always, only now it’s accompanied by a much fuller sound, moving closer to country-rock than ever before.  It’s as if the group burst straight out of winter and onto a long road, driving full speed towards whatever hell lies ahead of them.  Check out the single below and check out the tour dates after the break.  Their self-titled album February fourth.

-M. Kauf


Water Liars – I Want Blood:

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novelty daughter

A delicate piano riff over electronic drum beats.  A vocal line that constantly wavers up and down, like a restless humming bird, never resting long in one spot but creating beauty when it lands for just a brief second.  This is the feeling created by “Unsure,” the jazzy single from Californian musician, Novelty Daughter.  Starting as one of many singer-songwritter musicians, with just a guitar and their voice to guide them, Novelty Daughter (real name Faith Harding) really came into her own when she dropped the guitar for something a little more out there.  The jazzy piano lines blend perfectly with her voice, acting as a sly guide held steady by those sparse beats.  Together, the fragmented arrangements somehow combine to form a real piece of art.  Below, you can hear the song “Unsure” but be sure to check out (and download for free) Novelty Daughter’s EP in its entirety here.

-M. Kauf


Novelty Daughter – Unsure:

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Sam Smith has been on a giant roll this year.  First, he had the incredible single, “Latch” with Disclosure.  Then he had the funky single as part of a temporary electronic music supergroup.  And now, in addition to releasing several solid demos, Sam Smith uploaded a new single.  “Money On My Mind” features a slick combination of fast paced R&B and a snappy drum beat.  Combined with Smith’s unbeatable vocals and the positive message “I don’t have money on my mind, I do it for the love” it’s hard not to smile, jump out of your seat and immediately start grooving.  Check out the electro-infused song below and look for the singles official release in February.  Maybe we’ll even see an album from this guy in the near future.

-M. Kauf


Sam Smith – Money On My Mind:

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