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Monthly Archives: December 2012

To all the devoted followers of the blog and writers/music lovers who may have stumbled onto this page: Tour De Vaap is in need of some creative minds and new writers. So if you or anyone you know want to write for the blog, please contact us at the Tour De Vaap email. If you’re up for the task, you would simply have to write one blog post a week about some new song/artist that peaks your interest, or some unknown artist of ages past if that is more to your liking (if your parents or grandparents have an interesting record collection, now would be the time to use it!). Preferably genres relating to folk, rock, rap, electronic, etc. but any music is welcome, written by any music fan.

-The Collective Tour

Another year has come and gone, and with it comes a new list of our favorite albums of the year.  In no particular order, we bring you our favorite ten.  From Tour De Vaap, have a happy new year filled with love, friends and of course, good music.  Check out the list after the break…

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The Shilohs aren’t afraid to wear their influences on their sleeve, singing about Dillard Clark in “Get Ready Now” and sounding like a combination of The Bryds and Wilco.  They’re proud of where their sound came from, strumming their jangly guitars to the beat of an upbeat snappy snare like a band from another time.  They easily could fit into any other decade and feel warm and welcome and that’s just the way I like it.  Fun, catchy and ready for action.  Check out the Vancouver band’s single “Get Ready Now” below and look for their full-length debut February 5th.

-M. Kauf

The Shilohs – Get Ready Now

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As much as I love ’em, lately there have been an flood of nu-folk bands:  Mumford & Sons, Fleet Foxes, Dry The River, the list goes on and on.  And I know, we’ve put these bands on this blog a lot.  And I know, I always rave about these bands.  But is there anything else in the folk world nowadays?  The answer is a definite yes, and their name is Washington Irving.  This Glasgow band doesn’t follow that same old pattern that most folk bands today seem to follow down to a T.  Instead, they seem to delve deeper into folk past, really dredging up the the sounds of traditional European folk.  But that’s not to say they’re quite stuck in the past either.  Their music features electric instruments at times, rock drum beats and even a bowed saw.  As of now, they’ve only released one EP called Little Wanderer Head, Thee Home, but they’re set to release a full length album in 2013.  Until then, check out the video above of their song Holy Company.  See if you don’t feel, at least for that brief four minutes, like you’ve been transported to another time.

-M. Kauf

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san fremin sonsick

“I’ll fall for you soon enough, I resolve to love”

San Fermin‘s new song “Sonsick” starts with a minimal drums and a steady bell jingling along.  But this song quickly becomes anything but minimal as the brass and wood instruments creep in and the singers wail at the top of their lungs, creating a whirlwind of sound that I can only describe as Chicago if they were a modern indie band with female lead singers.  As odd as that may sound, the brass mentalities and choral breaks really create a beautiful and powerful sound.  In a word, this song is uplifting.  In the doom and gloom and cold of winter, it’ll pick you right up like a cannon, propelling you high into the clouds.  This young group is set to release their debut in February, but for now, check out the first single below.

-M. Kauf

San Fermin – Sonsick

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Widowspeak almanac

Widowspeak can be fuzzy and dark, driving forward with distorted rock guitars and pounding drums.  But there’s also a dreamy vibe that floats through their melodies.  Singer Molly Hamilton, croons, “keep me, somewhere in the dark with you” asking not for illumination, but rather for a darkening.  It adds a certain desperation to the song.  It’s a quiet plea for both pleasure and a veil.  After releasing a great debut album, Widowspeak are getting set to release their next, Almanac, in January.  Check below for a taste

-M. Kauf

Widowspeak – The Dark Age

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“Song for Zula” is a walk down the shoreline at sunset.  It’s calm and uplifting strings like the reflection of the setting sun on the water.  Synths beat like your footsteps and you bounce to the sound of Matthew Houck singing a song of love.  It’s a song of persistency in the wake of torment and torture.  It’s the prevalence of what is good and kind.  Maybe I’m hyping it up a bit too much for some of you, but when I listen to this sixth minute piece, I just get mesmorized.  Check out the track below and look for the album Muchacho in March.

-M. Kauf

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