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I have to tell you a story.  I know I’ve shared this story many times and I’ll probably share it again, but it was such a surreal experience that it has to be told (again).  About a year ago, I went to a Lord Huron concert.  Arriving twenty minutes late and fearing that I missed the main act (as the tickets stated he went on first) I slumped into the crowd as this band Champs began to set up on stage.  My initial disappointment melted away as soon as they began to play.  Gentle blue light surrounded shown onto the small band as they crooned in a beautiful mix of ancient folk harmonies and indie rock.  Every song stunned me and I was literally breathless as they performed “Too Bright To Shine” and I was almost sad when they left so that the band I came to see could get on stage.  Now a year has passed and the songs I heard on that wonderful night are finally finally available as the incredible Down Like Gold LP.  “Pretty Much (Since Last November)” sounds like an old folk ballad turned modern love song.  “My Spirit is Broken” is a hard hitting jam which demonstrates how diverse and dramatic this band can get.  Although a bit lo-fi, From the breathtaking beginning to the heart-wrenching closer, “White Satellite,” the album approaches rock from an angle you’ve never heard, something both young and old, refreshing yet familiar.  On the heels of the new album, Champs have released a new music video for “St. Peter’s” the one single out at the time of the concert, which satiated my thirst for more over this past year.  The jangling folk-rock tune features a snowy background and a man on the run, perhaps from himself.  There’s a little twist in the video, but I’ll leave it to you to find out what it is.  Check out the video below and give the album a listen, it’s more then worth it.

M. Kauf

Champs – St. Peter’s

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The Killers are getting ready to release their Direct Hits next month it’s brought with it a new song.  Produced by M83, “Shot at the Night” is a strong addition to the group’s catalogue.  Brandon Flowers urgently calls out amidst an orchestra of synths and booming drum beats.  It’s got all the makings of an 80s romantic flick soundtrack in the best possible way.  Recently, the group released a video to accompany the song which features Flowers gesturing in front of some windows and a girl living out her fantasy.  Watch it below and look for  Direct Hits on November 11th.

-M. Kauf


The Killers – Shot at the Night

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saint rich

After seeing the incredibly incredible (did I say incredible?) guitarist Delicate Steve last weekend, I’ve been on a bit of a kick, which has included Steve Marion’s other project Saint Rich.  It features Marion along with a childhood friend, Christian Peslak, who provides vocals.  So far, the group has only released one single, but it’s a fantastic start.  “Officer” shies away from the soaring jams of Delicate Steve’s instrumentals and falls into a camp closer to upbeat rock, somewhere between americana and the stylings of more recent bands like Smith Westerns.  The song chugs along with a simple yet strong guitar riff accompanied by a subtle organ.  But it’s the vocals that really add a new dimension to the song.  Peslak’s musings about the Police and given in a smooth and sly voice, adding the perfect touch to a solid rock song.  Check out the Video, which features the band performing, skateboards and, you guessed it, lots of Police.  Beyond the Drone comes out September 30th.

-M. Kauf

Saint Rich – Officer

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kate faust

As I finished up my incredible internship today everything came back full circle.  On my first day of work, I wrote a blog post about an incredible Philadelphia artist Kate Faust.  Now, on my last day, she came into the studio to record a session for us.  Seeing her again reminded me of her incredible skills and her stunning slow-burner, “Heartbeat.”  Taking a page from the R&B minimalism of James Blake, Faust soulfully sings over minimal drumbeats, subtle synths and her own backup vocals.  As Faust slowly builds in intensity, we rise with her, almost physically feeling her cries for connectivity.  The simple but elegant video takes place in her parents house, as Kate moves from room to room, sitting and singing in the quickly approaching dark.  Faust is a master of minimalism, crafting beautiful work on little more than emotion and a powerful framing melody.  Check out the video below and listen to her first EP here.


Kate Faust – Heartbeat:

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The combination of the sheer blues-rock power of The White Stripes and the gutsy style of Joan Jett make up the explosive sound that is SIRSY.  Together, this duo make up one powerful band, with singer/drummer/bassist Mel Krahmer and guitarist/you-name-it Rich Libutti.  With such strong members, the band really doesn’t need more bandmates, in fact, they may be a hindrance.  But they’re not just talented musicians, SIRSY are also talented lyricists, just look at their song “Lionheart” for an example.  On first listen, it sounds just like any other blues-rock song: a sparse riff and a solid drum beat rocketing into a hard-hitting chorus of face-melting distortion and confident vocals.  But after looking past the music to the lyrics, “Lionheart” isn’t just a catchy love song, it’s a song about stumbling over yourself, tripping on the same mistakes and never knowing why the cycle continues.  SIRSY recently released their latest album, Coming Into Fame, which features this song and it’s definitely worth a listen.  In the meantime, you’ll want to check out this colorful, early-MTV days video created by Romanian director Anton Octavian, the song and the video are both great and together…watch out.

-M. Kauf

SIRSY – Lionheart:

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After five months in Paris, I’m finally home.  While it’s been an amazing journey full of new friends, crazy adventures and delicious food, I’m glad to be home.  And what better way to return to America then with a little country?  Houndmouth have been around for a while, but yesterday they released their debut album From the Hills Below the City.  The four-piece create a beautiful alt-country sound a bit like Dawes met up with The Band to create some of the liveliest choruses around.  One standout from the album is the single “Penitentiary.”  It’s about as welcoming a song as you can find about heading to prison, with a jubilant full-band chorus.  If you’re looking for some good country this summer, look no further.  Check out the video above for a taste of this energetic band in action, combined with some footage of almost-fugitives.

-M. Kauf

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Chance The Rapper is back with a new video! The concept of the video is simple and brilliant. Chance is given $5,000 dollars to create a music video, and he spends it the same way you would: on a giant chicken suit and lunch with Childish Gambino. ‘NaNa’ is another song off the upcoming Acid Rap and I cannot wait. I love the flow Chance uses to open up his first verse, and the hook is oddly catchy for how simple it is.

“Introducing Chance the Ruthless”



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