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Monthly Archives: November 2013


It goes without saying that Bob Dylan is one of the greatest songwriters to come out of the folk scene in the 60s, or just flat out one of the greatest writers of all time.  His words are sheer poetry and he has spawned fans of all ages.  One of his most famous songs, “Like a Rolling Stone” which has seen countless uses, covers and unofficial music videos and has influenced fans for generations has just been released in its first ever official music video.  With a song this powerful, it’s hard to imagine a video that could match, but Dylan might have done it with this one.  Created by Interlude, this video works like an interactive TV with 16 channels of shows ranging from BBC News to The Price is Right to Dylan himself, all singing along to this prolific song.  As it goes with many Dylan songs, this one feels just as relevant and touching today as it ever did.  Check it out at Wired and look for Dylan’s latest box set, The Complete Album Collection Vol. 1 this winter.

-M. Kauf

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Ever since releasing their incredible debut Settle, Disclosure have been eeking out singles and accompanying music videos.  Their latest is a huge collaboration that pays off in a big way.  Working with producers Jimmy Napes and Nile Rogers, this incredible production team created the chill new single, “Together.”  Featuring, Sam Smith (who previously collaborated with the group on “Latch”), the single takes a turn towards the funk.  Slower and more sensual than some Disclosure’s other dance tracks, “Together” rolls along at a smooth pace.  A wavering synth line creates the groove as a subtle guitar slinks along its side.  Check out the song below along with a lyrics video.  Who would’ve though Sauvignon would ever make its way into a dance track lyric?

-M. Kauf

Disclosure, Jimmy Napes and Nile Rogers – Together [Feat. Sam Smith]

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Every time I hear a new psychedelic band I think, “That’s it!  This band has perfectly captured the psychedelic sounds of the ’60s!”  But then a new band comes along with a different sound and I realize just how diverse is the genre of psychedelic music.  From like Tame Impala and Pond, to the more straight-edged Foxygen to Coke Weed, and in comes Quilt.  Straying from the heavy electric guitars and wild synths, Quilt’s single, “Arctic Shark” takes a page from the jangly sounds of The Byrds and early Jefferson Airplane.  With a little bit of country and some non-sensical feel-good lyrics, Quilt flow through their song at a happy and very trippy pace.  Below, you can watch the video which mostly features the band on blankets with fruit and vegetables.  Quilt’s newest album, Held In Splendor, will be out in January.  In the meantime, check them out on tour (tour dates after the break).

-M. Kauf


Quilt – Arctic Shark:

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