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Monthly Archives: August 2014


Echo & The Bunnymen, an English rock band that fuses alternative music with neo-psychedelia, are popular for many reasons. For starters, their frontman Ian McCulloch crafts brilliant, brooding song after brilliant, brooding song (“Lips Like Sugar,” “Angels and Devils,” etcetera). Additionally, each Echo & The Bunnymen album is awash with heavenly guitar licks, introspective lyrics, and a distinctly 80s sound that today’s hipsters obsess over (is there anything from the 80s that hipsters won’t obsess over?). With these observations in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many 21st Century bands are trying to imitate the aforementioned group’s style, and chief among these imitators are Tampa, Florida’s up-and-coming superstars: Merchandise.       

Merchandise’s latest single, “Enemy” (released in preparation for After The Dark, their much-anticipated 4AD debut), succeeds in not only milking The Bunnymen’s sound flawlessly, but also surpassing it in many respects. Guitarist Dave Vassalotti’s riffs are infectiously poppy, singer Carson Cox’s voice is reminiscent of a crooning, drug-addled Morrissey, and the song’s chorus oozes from Bose headphones like honey laced with DMT. Hell, this single is so goddamn catchy that even its indecipherable (not to mention inaudible) lyrics fail to detract from the music’s overall quality. In short, I encourage those who enjoy old sounds with fresh twists to check out “Enemy,” because you won’t just be surprised; You’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Check out the video below and look for After The Dark on August 4th.

-Katt M.

Merchandise – Enemy

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