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Dancing in the Dark, the intimate synth anthem by Bruce Springsteen has to be one of my favorite songs of all time.  Not just because of the incredible original, but because of the large of amount of covers, each with their own take on this minimal song.  My new favorite is the slow-burning cover by Woman’s Hour.  The four piece from London have yet to release an album, but their singles so far are powerful pieces of synth pop, something like The XX if they were a less minimalistic and a little more lively.  The group’s take on “Dancing in the Dark” stretches out the song, lingering on each note, allowing the tension to sink into your soul.  Woman’s Hour may not be releasing their debut until October 21st, but in the meantime we at least have this remarkable take on one of rock’s greatest songs.

-M. Kauf

Woman’s Hour – Dancing in the Dark:

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