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Many know The Zombies for their hit single “Time of The Season” along with a few other gems like “She’s Not There,”  but The Zombies were anything other than a one-hit wonder band.   In 1967, The Zombies recorded their masterpiece Odessey and Oracle, which I finally managed to get my hands on after many years of putting off the purchase.  The album features Beach Boys-esque harmonies and insightful lyrics reminiscent of late 1960s Kinks.  But The Zombies were no copy cat band.  Songs such as the opening track, “Care of Cell 44” discuses the unusual topic of a man anticipating his girlfriend’s release from prison.  “Friends of Mine” is the only song I’ve ever heard where the lyrics discuss friends’ relationships in a positive way, praising the couples for finding bliss in each other (although ironically only one of the couples mentioned in the song actually remained together after the album was released).  Most of the album is catchy and upbeat, as if each song was made to personally brighten your summer day’s stroll.  And singer Colin Blunstone has one of the smoothest voices of the 60s.  Sadly, this album never received the praise it truly deserved upon it’s release; the album was a flop and The Zombies broke up.  Their biggest hit “Time of The Season” (the album closer) didn’t even become popular until it was too late and was never preformed live by the original band (until they reunited for a few gigs in the 90s).  Luckily, the album has become somewhat of a cult classic and, after my frist full listen this sunny Memorial Day Weekend, I can easily see why.

-M. Kauf

The Zombies – This Will Be Our Year

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It’s a new year and with it come new experiences and opportunities, a chance to start fresh.  In that spirit, dream pop group Memoryhouse have released a cover of The Zombies “This Will Be Our Year.”  Their cover is a sweet and nostalgic one that still sounds faithful to the sounds of the original version’s time period, though the band changed up a lot of the instrumentation and style from the original.  This canadian duo is set to release their debut, The Slideshow Effect, this February on Sup Pop.  I can already tell it’s going to be a good year.

-M. Kauf

Memoryhouse – This Will Be Our Year (by The Zombies)

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