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lorde and flume

Remixes aren’t really our forté here at Tour De Vaap, but this one was so good we had to share it.  Two of the best artists of the last couple years, young pop-ish artist Lorde and electronic prodigy Flume join forces to create an experience unlike any heard from their individual work.  Flume takes on the concise opener “Tennis Court” from Pure Heroine, at times slowing it to a crawl with sparse, ambient synths surrounding the singer’s voice.  But where the song really takes off is about two minutes in, when everything breaks down into an infectious drop.  From this point on it’s pure gold, a regal extension of the original which plays quiet tracks against the booming, pure electronic dance against a hip-hop beat.  Check out the song below in all its glory.

-M. Kauf


Lorde – Tennis Court (Flume Remix)

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Over the summer, Foster the People’s hipster jam, “Pumped Up Kids”, exploded onto the mainstream scene, kinda making everyone rethink what the word “indie” really means anymore. But anyways, with any great success comes plenty of remixes, in today’s internet age. This time, it’s a remix by DJ Reflex, who hooked with the up and coming rapper, Kendrick Lamar, for a few fun light verses. While I don’t think Kendrick is taking himself very seriously on this track, it’s an enjoyable and easy to listen to remix that doesn’t take away from the original song. If you haven’t heard Kendrick Lamar‘s name before, check out his songs “HiiiPower” and “Ronald Reagan Era” off his new album, Section 80. Enjoy.  – D. Gold

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Don’t know much about this artist who calls themselves “Fuck Buttons“, other than they made this pretty crazy remix of a Jonsi’s song ‘Tornado’, which is off of his solo album of last year, Go. Jonsi, who is a pretty crazy dude himself, is part of the Icelandic band, Sigur Ros, who are highly raved about by most who know of them. Just stumbled across this new track and this drum-and-bass remix was an adventure. *Headphones definitely needed. – D. Gold

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Classes end in a week and naturally, our anticipation to travel home is steadily growing.  This song seems to capture the combination of nostalgia and excitement that accompanies the end of our Freshman year by taking the ever familiar track “Home” by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, and revamping it in a way that makes you want to get up and dance. By utilizing a hypnotic beat, melodious piano and clever manipulation of the original track, this RAC mix provides ample reason to revisit the beloved modern classic that put Edward Sharpe on the map. Love M. Hoff and L. Jones

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