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Champs st. peters

Tuesday evening, I finally attended my first concert in Paris at La Flèche D’Or, a beautiful (both acoustically and visually) old train station in Gambetta.  My goal was to see Lord Huron perform, but one of the opening acts surprised me and came close to surpassing even Lord Huron’s performance.  That band was called Champs (not to be confused with The Champs of old).  After the concert I spent several hours searching for music by the band, but all I found were obscure references to their music and talk of a possible EP in the future.  Eventually I found that they have only released one single called “St. Peters” which was their closing song at the concert.  It’s a great example of Champs’ use of heavy rock combined with the soft pop harmonies reminiscent of early 60s pop-rock staples like The Hollies.  It’s this unique blend of bright pop with dark undertones which left me in awe during their show, at times literally breathless as stage lights cascaded off the band.  Below is a sample of the magic that is Champs, hopefully we’ll get some more releases in the near future.

-M. Kauf


Champs – St. Peters

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