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Some say modern rock is dead (sometimes, myself included).  It’s basically just a bunch of pop disguised as rock or just plain crap.  But The Divers (not to be confused with Divers or The Divers Band) are one of those bands keeping the flame of rock n’ roll alive.  Their latest single, “The Way You Are” makes for the perfect example.  Singer Pete’s gruff voice, falling somewhere between Lou Reed and Julian Casablancas, brings a punk attitude and a weight to the music.  Guitars wail away, staying infectious without becoming too clean cut and poppy.  All in all, it doesn’t get much more authentically rock than The Divers, bringing a rough and tumble style to a love song like no other.  Check out “The Way You Are” below as well as the softer single, “Castles In the Air.”

The Divers – The Way You Are/Castles In The Air:

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