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After seeing the incredibly incredible (did I say incredible?) guitarist Delicate Steve last weekend, I’ve been on a bit of a kick, which has included Steve Marion’s other project Saint Rich.  It features Marion along with a childhood friend, Christian Peslak, who provides vocals.  So far, the group has only released one single, but it’s a fantastic start.  “Officer” shies away from the soaring jams of Delicate Steve’s instrumentals and falls into a camp closer to upbeat rock, somewhere between americana and the stylings of more recent bands like Smith Westerns.  The song chugs along with a simple yet strong guitar riff accompanied by a subtle organ.  But it’s the vocals that really add a new dimension to the song.  Peslak’s musings about the Police and given in a smooth and sly voice, adding the perfect touch to a solid rock song.  Check out the Video, which features the band performing, skateboards and, you guessed it, lots of Police.  Beyond the Drone comes out September 30th.

-M. Kauf

Saint Rich – Officer

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