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You ever have one of those songs that just moves you?  You don’t exactly know what it is about the song, but something just makes it feel right and beautiful and worth listening to over and over and over again.  “Advanced Falconry” is definitely one of those songs.  Written by Mutual Benefit (AKA Jordan Lee), this is the first taste from his debut LP, Love’s Crushing Diamond.  The song starts at a crawl, delicately placing violins here and there like the first embers of a warm fire.  Soon the violin is joined by quiet handclaps, a mellow electric guitar and a soft banjo.  And to top it off, Lee sings a soulful folk melody over it all, his sweet voice romanticizing over the instruments.  It’s the kind of song, that bubbles up emotions without ever featuring a gut-wrenching blues wail, a soulful guitar solo or a hooky chorus.  “Advanced Falconry” is beautiful just being lush little self.  Check it out below and listen to some of Mutual Benefit’s earlier stuff here.

-M. Kauf

Mutual Benefit – Advanced Falconry

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