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Some artists pop into my life over and over again.  Usually, I just let it slide because there’s so much other music I’m listening to and if the artist is really good I’ll probably hear about them later.  Right?  Well this was definitely the case for Laura Marling.  My friend first showed me a cover song by her several years ago and since then she’s really grown as an artist.  On her lastest album, A Creature I Don’t Know, Marling creates some of the best folk ballads of the century.   Her sound is mature and sophisticated, yet fun at the same time.  I never get tired of the quiet finger-picked intros that transform into clamorous songs of joy and motion, like the song “Sophia.”  Some songs even have a twang of country mixed in.  And vocally, Laura Marling reminds me of some of the greatest folk artists from the 60s like Joni Mitchel and Joan Baez.  Her voice is melancholy and classic (see title track).  It’s rare that a folk album makes me want to get up and take a long drive down an empty road.  I’m sorry I didn’t give Marling the attention she deserved, but with this album, I will.  Check out “Sophia” from A Creature I Don’t Know below and be sure to hear the album which came out last September.

-M. Kauf

Laura Marling – Sophia:

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Although released in June of last year, I just found out about this EP today with props to the boys at Being that everything that the English folk rock band, Mumford & Sons, touches is musical gold, I had to take a listen to this. Recorded during Mumford’s tour in India in 2009, with the help of Laura Marling and some Indian musicians, this EP, although only containing 4 songs, blends Mumford’s usual folk with the stylings of classical Indian sounds. This definitely is a refreshing and interesting listen for fans of Mumford and Sons and world music. Enjoy. – D. Gold

Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling & Dharohar Project – To Darkness / Kirpa

Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling & Dharohar Project – Anmol Rishtey

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