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bravestation iv

Bravestation released an amazing album last summer, but it looks like they’ve been busy at work sine then.  Today, they released their new single “All We Have is Us” off of their upcoming EP IV.  In typical Bravestation fashion, the song moves to the beat of electric drum kits and steel drums.  Like some tropical paradise from the past under a moonlit sky, “All We Have is Us” moves with a swift passion.  In the few months since their album, it even seems like they’ve evolved.  Their sound used to be a launching from the shore, reaching for distant lands, but his new song is that arrival from the waters into this strange paradise.  Look for the EP May 15th, download here, and listen below


Bravestation – All We Have is Us

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July 10th is a great day for music.  Today we saw the release of Positive ForceConfess and Swing Lo Magellan.  But today was also the release of Bravestation’s debut album, Giants & Dreamers.  And I’m telling you that this is the album you want to hear (as good as those other albums are).  Giants & Dreamers is a strong full length that pulls influences from 80s New Wave and dreamy tropical pop and sounds a bit like a mix between Yeasayer and Depeche Mode but with a twist all their own.  Perhaps what makes the album so unique is it’s fluency.  Each song flows seemlessly into the next one in terms of mood and style as the album moves from the dreamland opener “Tides of the Summit,” leading the listener into a strange new land, to the closing ballad “Future Love,” full of deep bass drums.  And, in between, the journey of a tribe.  We hear the Bravestation tribe as they struggle to find their place in a confused and corrupt world.  Sometimes they seem to fight back as in “Amaranthine,” a strong yet ethereal song about resistance.  Other times Bravestation seem to call for unity like on, what is probably the strongest song on the album “Signs of the Civilized.”  Throughout, you’ll hear familiar instruments, like booming drums, eeirie high-pitched synthesizers, and quacking electric guitars and around strong lead vocals.  These sounds serve as the perfect vessel for transportation to a new world, something unusual yet somehow familiar.  A bit of tropical deja vu on distant shores.  If you’re looking for a summer album that will really take you places, look no further than Giants & Dreamers, out today on Led Astray Music.

-M. Kauf

Bravestation – Western Thrills

Bravestation – Signs of the Civilized

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We’re just days away from the release of Bravestation’s first full length album Giants & Dreamers and they just keep packing on the goodies.  A few days ago, they released another music video, this time for their third single “Western Thrills.”  The video features a band of kid druids who reject modern civilization for a world of their own.  A simple world of peace, prosperity and youth.  Yet again, it’s another visually stunning video full of select bright colors that really pop out in the forests of the video.  Check out the Derek Wilson directed video above and look for the album, out July 10th.

-M. Kauf

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We’ve got some new goodies from Bravestation, this time in the form of their first music video.  This fan-funded endeavor features the band playing and participating in a party of well dressed men and women, popping pills and drinking colorful drinks in a ritualistic quest for youth and tribal togetherness.  It’s incredibly well done and you can check it out above.

-M. Kauf

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“You don’t have to worry now, The tides rolled in”

A few months ago, we heard the first single from Bravestation and now they’ve brought us a new one called, “Tides of the Summit.”  Another dreamy new-wave tune, “Tides of the Summit” seems to twist and turn, back and forth with ethereal guitars and booming drums; like a boat rocking back and forth on the gentle crest of a wave.  Bravestation seem to have a knack for creating catchy otherworldly tribal pop.  And this song is just a small taste of what’s to come.  July 10th, Bravestation will release their debut Giants & Dreamers.  In the meantime, I guess we’ll keep rocking on this one, waiting to drift off to new songs.

-M. Kauf

Bravestation – Tides of the Summit

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Steel drums, synths and booming drums?  It feels like the 80s, but it’s far from it.  Bravestation, have captured that classic sound and made it their own.  They breathe new life into this style and fill the cheesy pop sounds of 4 decades ago with passion and feeling.  “Signs of the Civilized” rings out like a cry for comprehension.  Trying to grasp at something that seemed to happen in the blink of an eye.  The singer soars through the echoey melody and he tries to find his way, dodging rain clouds towards some brighter day.  It’s new wave meets “quirky tribal pop” and I can’t wait for this bands debut, which, according the the canadian group is due later this year.  Until then there’s a free EP on their bandcamp and, of course, this song.  Check it out above and look out for that album.

-M. Kauf

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