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Philly band Dr. Dog are easily one of the hardest working bands in indie rock right now.  They’ve released an album every year for a while now and they just announced, B-Room, their eighth studio album.  Along with the announcement came the laid-back new single, “The Truth.”  Although the new album is produced by the same man who helped them on Be The Void, the sound is much more sparse, harkening back to the band’s early days.  Many of these songs were recorded in a live setting featuring the whole band, which has created a beautiful warm tone on their new single.  A quiet electric guitar sends out short bursts of chords and a honkey tonk piano clambers as the band repeats, “the truth don’t stop,” chugging along with an infallible message.  Check it out below and get pumped for their new album due on October 1st.


Dr. Dog – The Truth:


P.S. There is a lyrics video for this song, but after posting so many videos, we figured some pure music is just what we need.  But if you want the visual, check it out here.

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