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Daily Archives: July 17, 2013


Fair warning, but this is one strange video.  Featuring half of the Scott Carney/Jacob Heustis Kentucky duo that makes up Wax Fang, the music video stars the singer in drag popping from scene to scene of paper cut-outs and a lot of blonde-haired women in perfect glam-rock fashion.  But weirdness aside (and there really is a lot of weird stuffed into this video), this is one catchy rock gem.  “The Blonde Leading The Blonde” features guitar hooks in the chorus that can match The Darkness or pretty much any modern rock band for that matter.  Lyrically, the song is reminiscent of a goofier David Bowie.  The combination makes for one of the most underrated rock bands around.  To date, Wax Fang only have two full albums to their name, but they’ve recently released a string of singles, which with any luck will lead to a new album.  In the meantime check out their video below for just a glimpse at what these guys can do.

M. Kauf

Wax Fang – The Blonde Leading The Blonde:

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