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Daily Archives: March 16, 2013

Meg Mac

A powerful voice that could be compared to many of the great new soul singers popping up as of late, including Adele, Aussie singer Meg Mac knows how to make a song with a message.  Her single “Known Better” starts off simple enough with faint piano and Meg’s voice piercing through, “I didn’t think that I’d be, back here so soon, I should’ve known better,” contemplating her return as drums pound their way into the song like thunder.  While the song starts like a typical love song, Meg Mac the victim returning to a bad relationship, it’s actually quite the opposite.  A lover wants to reunite, maybe start things over again.  Despite his efforts, Mac can’t start again or even leave things alone.  She’s a girl with bad intentions and she knows it.  The best she can hope to do is wake him up, warn him that there’s nothing good for him if he stays.  It’s a sad tale, but coming from Meg Mac’s sultry voice, it’s one that I want to hear over and over again.  Check it out below.

M. Kauf


Meg Mac – Known Better

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