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Daily Archives: May 18, 2012

XXYYXX caught my attention first with his video for “About You”; aslowed down HD video of chicks blowing smoke and the occasional trippy animal mask. The music came second, but thats what really got me interested. After a trip to the mysteriously titled artist’s soundcloud and facebook page, I found out the man behind the music is no other than a 16 year old kid in his bedroom just chopping up beats and doing it damn well. With a debut album released on bandcamp a month ago, XXYYXX, or Marcel Everett, is the talented witty newcomer to the vast internet producer subculture. Making his own minimalist electonic, or post-garage, or post-dubstep, or whatever you want to call it nowadays, inspired by hiphop drum beats and R&B vocals, XXYYXX’s music resembles that of a more soulful yet simplistic Gold Panda to me, although many comparisons can be made in today’s electronic scene. I am vibing this kids music right now and if you like it, make sure to check out his soundcloud for some new chill tunes he decides to throw up or check out his self titled album on Bandcamp. – D. Gold

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