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Daily Archives: January 23, 2012

Andrew Bird has recently released the track “Eyeoneye” off his upcoming album, Break it Yourself. Catchy and intense, “Eyeoneye” is a sharp contrast from Andrew Bird’s more folky and acoustic tunes. However, he still maintains the beauty while delivering a more raw and visceral passion that has me looking forward to the rest of the album coming out March 6th. Also, for those who buy a ticket to his upcoming tour, you can get a digital download of his album as well as two live EPs.

“Eyeoneye” – Andrew Bird

It is no surprise to say that rap has changed and nowadays you can hear anyone and everyone embracing the art of hiphop. Across the seas, you can even find an Austrian rapper, who calls himself Left Boy, spitting slick frat raps over catchy indie beats, like the Pirates of the Caribbean‘s theme song and Lana Del Ray’s “Video Games“. Not taking himself too seriously, Left Boy raps about “Smoking Dro, like Jack Sparrow” on his Pirates themed song, “Jack Sparrow” and drops endless video-game references on his Lana Del Ray track, “Video Games.” With a solid flow and catchy choruses, Left Boy has created fun songs that can get stuck in your head and allow for multiple repeat plays. Check my favorites below. If you like, check out his website for the free download. – D. Gold

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