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Daily Archives: January 13, 2012

Although 2011 is behind us, there are still some albums I missed and am just now hearing in 2012.  One such album is The Album by The White Album.  While they’re name may sound a little ridiculous, their E.P. is no joke.  As far as folk bands go, The White Album have it all: great harmonies, deep lyrics and beautiful instrumentation.  The album opens with “Another,” a driving folk-anthem that starts this wintery mix off right.  Then comes the longest song on the album, “Guns & Ammunition” which reminds me of a previous TDV artist Siskiyou.  But perhaps my favorite track is “December.”  Although it is much slower and drawn out then the other songs, it’s dark atmosphere pulls me in every time I here, “Now I’ll replace the sun, with the moon as white as bone with all the stars around, I fly off to that moon,” I can’t help but feel the emotion swell up in the singer.  The Album is free on bandcamp and it is easily the best folk E.P. I’ve heard in a long long time.  If you’ve been looking for that perfect winter album, look no further.  Funny names be damned, The White Album know how to make good folk.

-M. Kauf

The White Album – December

The White Album – Fall At Will

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Damien Jurado is set to release a new studio album, Maraqopa, on February 21st and yesterday he released the music video for “Nothing Is The News” off of the upcoming album.  This video may be a bit low-fi and there’s not much plot, but it’s full of intensity and the music fits the video perfectly.  Check out this psych rock tune above.

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